Armidale Private Hospital
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Sleep Disorders Unit

Did you know that sleep disorders are a major health problem & can have a huge impact on a person's overall health, safety & quality of life?

That's where a referral from your GP to the Armidale Respiratory Failure & Sleep Disorders Unit can help. The Unit is fully accredited with NATA & the Australasian Sleep Association and features the latest technology, with comfortably equipped private overnight rooms & modern facilities. A team of highly qualified nurses, technologists and a specialist physician provide diagnostic & treatment services, including overnight sleep studies for patients with sleep disorders, such as:

  • obstructive & central sleep apnoea (snoring)
  • periodic limb movements during sleep
  • insomnia
  • chronic fatigue
  • excessive daytime tiredness

Speak to your GP about a referral or contact Armidale Private Hospital on 02 6771 4000 for further information