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Armidale Private Hospital becomes first in region to have Mako robot technology

May 04, 2021

Armidale Private Hospital is celebrating the arrival of its new state-of-the-art robotic technology, becoming the only facility between Newcastle and the Gold Coast to offer patients access to the Mako robot.

The Mako system is a highly advanced, surgeon-controlled robotic arm that increases the accuracy of total knee replacements. Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Neil Ferguson said he was over the moon to have the Mako robot at Armidale Private Hospital.

“It’s just amazing technology and certainly there’s increasing evidence that shows a benefit to patients in having robotic knee replacements in terms of better alignment of the knee and reported pa3ent outcomes,” Dr Ferguson said.

“The technology software for the robot means I can plan the operation really accurately and during the operation you can put the knee through a whole range of motion and feel for any stiffness, then modify the plan based on the ligaments,” he said.

The Mako robot constructs a 3D model using a pre-operative CT scan and generates a plan around minute variations in a patient’s anatomy. When the surgeon prepares the bone for implant, the robotic arm guides the surgeon within a pre-defined area to help ensure placement accuracy, alignment of the implant and minimal disruption to the soft tissue.

Armidale Private Hospital Chief Executive Officer Mary Single said it was wonderful to now offer robotic technology to the local community.

“We want to keep patients local, without having to drive hundreds of kilometres or fly to Sydney or Brisbane to have access to the Mako robotic system,” Ms Single said.

“I’m really passionate about offering the latest technology to the people of Armidale and our surrounding regions and I thank Dr Ferguson for his dedication in bringing the Mako system here,” she said.

Glenn Innes resident Carl Toovey was the first patient to undergo a total knee replacement using the Mako robot on Tuesday 27th April.

Armidale Private Hospital becomes first in region to have Mako robot technology